Quilted and Embroidered Floralies Book from Quiltmania Editions. By Cecile Franconie (FLORALIES Quiltees et Brodees)

  • $49.00

The Quiltmania publishes say, "The exquisite nature and somewhat retro bohemian charm of her embroidery and crochet work have in large part extended beyond our borders. Here Cécile opens her studio doors to us and presents some... of her latest creations for you to make; in these projects she combines quilting and embroidery with elegance and whimsy."

320 pages / Book in English AND French  All the instructions, including the chapter on stitches, are in English.

37 projects

This is the second book by Cecile, Followed after tremendous success of the first one, Quilted and Embroidered Fantasies. Detailed instructions, step by step pictures, pull out charts for full scale designs.

It is just a pleasure to work with suggested colors, as Cecile is a true master colorist! She puts together such unusual, striking, and very pleasant to the eye combinations, you want to  go through all you stash and find the colors.

Another great feature of this book is that Cecile does not insist on any particular collection, uses Reproduction fabrics a lot, and you can deinitely find bits and pieces in your stash  to put together her one masterpiece or another.