Fabric ATX-20803-199 ANTIQUE by Aimee Stewart from Library of Rarities, from Robert Kaufman

  • $12.40

Library of Rarities Collection from Robert Kaufman became so popular, that it got expanded and expanded again. From animals and butterflies, we arrive at high couture fashions of times long gone. 

Each little "stamp" square of this fabric, Antique, is appoximately 2"x2" and each feachers a different time period and different fashion style. Repeat is 6.5".

Please, check Robertkaufmanfabrics.com  for projects, free patterns, and ideas.

This fabric is sold in precuts only.               Precuts of 1 yd, 1/2 yd and fat 1/4s (18"x 22" )are available.

Please, see all the options and make your choices.

100% premium cotton, machine washable in cold, tumble dry low.