Fabric AIND-21191-277 WINTER PANEL from Festive Beauty Collection by Lara Skinner for Robert Kaufman

  • $8.35

 Festive Beauty Collection is breathtaking! It brings holiday spirit and almost the smell of pine to your home. From humble abode to the palacial interior, a quilt from this fabric will look right at home! And this collection comes with free patterns for Even more beautiful panel quilts. Please, see additional pictures here. 

Please, check Robertkaufmanfabrics.com  for projects, free patterns, and ideas.

Also, these fabrics will be featured on a short video on our instagram and pinterest accounts. Please check SoKestyle.com on those social platforms.

This fabric is sold by a panel. Each Panel is 24" (2/3 yd) long and runs full width of the fabric (44").

100% premium cotton, machine washable in cold, tumble dry low.