Fabric FARMSTEAD PATCH WHITE from Country Living Collection by John Keeling for 3 Wishes, # 21680-WHT-CTN-D

  • $4.50

3 Wishes is a company specializing in digital prints and saturated colors that uplift your day!

John Keeling is in his element with easy brushstrokes and watercolors of bright summer in the country. Idyllic landscape and beautiful scenery of a fresh summer day is all reflected in the panels of this collection. The Quilt or a wall piece made with these fabrics will lift your mood and call you outdoors! Pick some of these fabrics to brighten up your life!

This fabric is a running yardage and has 12" REPEAT. Therefore, it is sold in 12" (1/3 yd) cuts, that look like mini-panels. On the picture you see exactly 12" piece folded. The design repeats on the other side of the fold. That means, in 12" piece you'll get 12"x 44" cut with two of each of the small pictures you see in our photo.

NOTE: If you'd like multiple of this repeat, put the desired quantity in your cart and we'll cut them as one continuous piece from the bolt.

100% premium cotton, 43-44" wide, machine washable in cold, tumble dry low. 

Made in Pakistan.