Fabric Leaves on warm lavender # A651-2 from Honey Bee Collection By Lewis and Irene

  • $12.70

Lewis and Irene Company present beautiful soft shapes and colors, frequently symmetrical designs of medium to small scale.

This collection, Honey Bee, has speckles of gold and is warm and cute as you can imagine. Beehives, lavender and clover, the best flowers for honey making, golden bees and soft emeralds, lavender, and cream leaves, black accents - everything is there for your masterpiece!

Try to make a hexagon quilt with the hexagon acrylic templates available at our online shop!

Options of 1 yd. cut, 1/2 yd cut, and fat 1/4 cuts of this fabric are available. Please see and choose from the options below.

100% premium cotton, machine washable in cold, tumble dry low.