Fabric Tilda-Me and My Friend - Slate, Cotton Beach Collection, TIL130101-V11

  • $7.30

After a long wait, we secured two of the most asked for and desired fabrics from the Cotton Beach Collection, Me and My Friend! This one is on a Gray background, called Slate by Tilda's Designers.

 Cotton Beach felt like the perfect name for a coastal cotton fabric collection. . Shells, coral reefs, and sea anemones are some of the motifs that inspired the mixed style designs. Colors vary from purples to dark and light corals, sandy greys, light, and green teals and blues, and yellows to represent sunshine. In addition to the main collection you will find five Beach Shell Blenders in softer hues, and a fun new design called, "Me and My Friend," in two colors depicting female busts in all shapes and sizes. Use the fresh cotton beach fabrics to applique clothes and hats on the busts and use them personalized projects such as pillows, bags, pin cushions, sewn placement cards, charming ornaments, and quilts. 

This Fabric is sold by 1/2 yd. installments from the bolt. 1/2 yd will contain three rows of ladies. Warning: the purchased pieces will be cut not damaging the ladies ( not cutting them in half), therefore, pieces may be 1/2 to 1 inch smaller or larger than the ordered yardage. Thank you for understanding.

 100% premium cotton, machine washable in cold, tumble dry low. Shrinkage max 3%.

 Made in Korea.