Urban Quilts Book from Quiltmania Editions. # QM-UQ By Suzuko Koseki

  • $48.99

Urban Quilts, by Suzuko Koseki, is a fantastically contemporary book of everyday items designed with recycled fabrics, floral prints and old clothes. Her use of form and color gives a modern touch to each project. Choose from an array of various projects: accessories, bags, pouches, card holders, key holders, backpacks, cushions, coasters…each one an ingenious combination of modern and vintage. Suzuko has included several traditional quilts, including a breathtaking Cathedral Window in blue and white, playing with a variety of color palettes so that there’s a project for everyone. Urban Quilts is the perfect harmony between the past and the present!

the book is soft bound, 208 pages, filled with projects from tote bags and small kitchen clothes to large quilts.

Happy Stitching!!