Quilting Fabric CIRCLE: BLUE from Curiosity Collection by Marcia Derse for Windham Fabrics, 51955D-2

  • $6.88

Windham Fabrics takes pride in producing a variety of original designs. This wonderful, traditional, high quality cotton is suitable for quilting as well as for a number of various sewing projects. 

This collection, Curiosity, allows for a little whimsical creativity. Denim-y background with indigo circles ran through with kantha-style running stitch print is a wonderful source for an interesting quilt, or organizer, or a wall piece, or all of those in one! Also, what is wonderful, this fabric is interesting for both boys and girls with curious minds. Please, check the free patterns for this collection on WindhamFabrics.com website, collection Curiosity. 

Each circle is approximately 4.5"in diameter.

This fabric is sold in 1/2 yd. installments from the bolt. For example, if you need 1.5 yd. of this fabric, put 3 in quantity (3 x 1/2 yd =1.5 yd). Fat quarters option is also available. Please, choose below.

100% premium cotton, machine washable in cold, tumble dry low.

Made in Pakistan.