The Gentle Art's Sampler Threads Hand Dyed Embroidery Floss, 100% cotton, BLUE SPRUCE 0140, 5 yds

  • $2.60

This is a 5 yd skein of hand dyed embroidery floss from The Gentle Art Company.

Sampler Threads, 100% cotton, 6 strands, gentle variation in the same color.

Creates a beautiful vintage/antique finish to your work, excellent for samplers and surface embroidery where dimension and depth needs to be achieved.

On 40 and 36 count linen can be worked in 1 strand, 32 and 28 count: 2 strands, less count: 3 strands.

Hand-dyed in an environmentally friendly way, colorfast. 

Thread Care instructions by The Gentle Art Company:

"It is safe to rinse our Sampler Threads™ and Simply Shaker Threads™ in hot water BEFORE stitching. Blot them on a white paper or terrycloth towel to see if there is any residual surface dye remaining. You may repeat this process several times until they rinse clean. Again, the color will not fade. Let the threads dry (it won’t take long) and then stitch. Piece may be gently washed after stitching."

Please check our sampler patterns from Artful Offerings, Scattered Seed Samplers, Rosewood Manor, and other companies.