New Embroidery Shop!

Posted by IRINA MITINA on

Most recently, there was more interest from our customers and in creative world in general, in embroidery. People started using it a a therapeutic solution to stress and depression. 

Just look at Elisabetta Sforza's new book, A Sea in Stitches, You just want to start stitching immediately!

Also, what can be easier? All you need is a piece of fabric, a thread and a needle - and you can start! The projects are also portable and you can sit in one place and concentrate on the creation. 

So, our take on embroidery is to make it easy and enjoyable. So, in our shop, you can find Fench General Samplers which go beautifully with Valdani threads packs such as Heirloom and Vintage hues. We have a great selection of Cross tich magazines from France, Creation Point De Croix, whose easy to read color charts are soimply delicious! Just look at Sweets and delicacies Special issue!

And, Of course, Inspirations studios spoil us, stitchers, with the most amazing embroidery patterns in the entire world! Please, LOOK through the Inspirations magazines, books and patterns that came to us directly from Australia!

Coming up soon: Les Brodeuse Parisiennes pre-stitched kits and patterns, Annie Morris painted linen panel for surface embroidery, embroidery hoops and Bohin Needles from France, whichwe alread have, but still need to publish for sale.

So, please, visit our Embroidery shop and take your time to look through it - there are treasures to be found...

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